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Master Directory

Gone are the days where you need to look at a dozen different blogs, tourism websites, Happy Cow, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram just to compile a list of the vegan restaurants in the area. Who has time to do all of that?

After talking to dozens of vegan foodies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, we realized there was a real need to make a directory for every vegan, vegetarian, and veggie-friendly restaurant that goes beyond a platform where users contribute their opinions, whether or not they’re qualified.

This master directory is a list of places where vegans can eat comfortably and feel satiated. At these eating establishments, you will not have to compile your meal out of sides or appetizers, or worry that you’ll order a veggie sandwich with just lettuce and tomato. You will still be able to experience tacos in Austin, Philly cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, and bagels and schmear in Manhattan.

It’s 2020 and we have more options than ever, as it should be. The below list will feature 100% vegan restaurants, as well as vegetarian restaurants, and restaurants with bountiful options (four or more menu items that are 100% vegan without modifications).

About Us

Our names are Benjamin Hagerty and Brianne Nemiroff. We’re a married couple originally from California. Since we became a couple in 2009, we have always been passionate about travel, both locally and abroad. We were inspired to take a long-term trip in 2017 to explore more of Canada and the U.S. and we soon realized that this wasn’t just a lengthy trip, but a new lifestyle choice, and that we were destined to explore.

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