Kind Travel

What Is Kind Traveling?

Kind Traveling: To travel kindly means you leave the destination better than you found it. You travel with reuseable silverware, cups, and straws; you avoid using plastic bags, you book with eco-friendly touring companies; you avoid booking experiences that involve animal cruelty; you always treat the locals with kindness by respecting local customs; and you dress according to your environment.

50 Things to Do in Providence, Rhode Island - It_s Bree and Ben
Kind Traveling

50 Things to Do in Providence, Rhode Island

Enjoy this long list of things to do in Providence and we hope it inspires a relaxing, inspiring, and life-changing trip.

50 things to do in salt lake city, utah

50 Things to Do in Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah is one of the few states in the United States that is truly a diverse travel destination. Winter travelers come to Park City for skiing, national park visitors come to visit the eight national parks and monuments year round, and Mormons visit Salt Lake City as part of their pilgrimage tourism.

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how to be a good airbnb guest - It_s Bree and Ben

How to be a Good Airbnb Guest

After staying in more than 50 Airbnbs with people of different backgrounds and generations, we’ve found the following steps to be quite helpful in not only having a safer stay, but a more enriching one, too.

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how to get the perfect travel photo - It_s Bree and Ben

How to Get the Perfect Travel Photo

In a world where Instagram drives millions of tourists to destinations each year, the photo keepsake has become a hot commodity. Places are becoming more packed than ever with people trying to get the perfect photo for the ‘Gram.

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5 Benefits of Traveling on a Vegan Diet - It's Bree and Ben

5 Benefits of Traveling on a Vegan Diet

It’s getting easier and easier to be a vegan at home, pending you live near a metropolitan area. But what about vegan travel. Is it still hard? Does traveling as a vegan only come with sacrifices or does it come with more benefits than just eating a cleaner diet?

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Our names are Benjamin Hagerty and Brianne Nemiroff. We’re a married couple originally from California. Since we became a couple in 2009, we have always been passionate about travel, both locally and abroad. We were inspired to take a long-term trip in 2017 to explore more of Canada and the U.S. and we soon realized that this wasn’t just a lengthy trip, but a new lifestyle choice, and that we were destined to explore.


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