top vegan restaurants in pittsburgh, pennsylvania - It_s Bree and Ben
Kind Eating

Top Vegan Restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh, you can find a half vegetarian restaurant/half antique shop, a punk rock vegan cafe that makes their own vegan eggs, a vegan DIY hot dog eatery, and so much more. Here’s a list of our favorite vegan restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

introvert travel- how to reduce anxiety and preserve your energy - It_s Bree and Ben
Ethical Travel Tips

Introvert Travel: How to Reduce Anxiety and Preserve Your Energy

Introverts also want to explore louder cities; but if they don’t take into account their energy levels, they might find themselves exhausted by mid-day. Here’s how to travel as an introvert without depleting your energy or giving up on your plans to explore the world.

Edmonton Alberta - Canada_s Festival City and Most Northern Vegan Destination - It_s Bree and Ben
City Guides

Edmonton, Alberta: Canada’s Festival City and Most Northern Vegan Destination

With great vegan food, fun small shopping, and acres of urban parkland, Edmonton makes for both a great natural and urban getaway.

How the cruise industry disregards pollution, low wages, and disease - It_s Bree and Ben
Ethical Travel Tips

How the Cruise Industry Disregards Pollution, Low Wages, and Disease

We go into detail about the reality of the damage that cruises cause on a daily basis, as well as provide you a list of questions to ask the cruise companies directly if you decide you’d like to book with an ethical cruise company in the near future.

best vegan restaurants in edmonton, alberta - It_s Bree and Ben
Kind Eating

11 Vegan Restaurants in Edmonton That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Edmonton is a vegan-friendly destination with plenty of green spaces and an eco-friendly young population. So let’s dig in and show you the vegan restaurants in Edmonton.

5 plant-based staples you can buy on any budget
Kind Eating

5 Plant-Based Staples You Can Buy on Any Budget

Our friend, Certified Nutritionist Sachi Georgieva, and we have compiled a list of plant-based staples that will leave you and your bank account nourished.

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Tier 1:
100% Vegan

Zero animal products on the menu

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Tier 2:

No meat is included on the menu, but dairy, eggs, and/or honey are present

Tier 3: Omnivorous

Easy to modify or 4 or more vegan options on the menu

Tier 4:
Limited Vegan Options

Difficult to modify or 3 or fewer vegan options on the menu




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