The Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Vegan Thai, Middle Eastern, Frozen Yogurt, Fine Dining, and MORE!

Last Updated on July 16, 2022
vegan restaurants in portland, oregon - It_s Bree and Ben

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Portland, Oregon is a vegan mecca. If you’re a follower of vegan news sources, you already know about the vegan strip club, vegan mini mall, vegan pizza, and all the vegan donuts you can eat. The vegan restaurants in Portland certainly take chances with their flavor profiles while also utilizing their bountiful local ingredients.

Vegan food in Portland is accessible, affordable, and still delectable unlike in any other city in the U.S. we have visited. From food trucks and carts to fine dining establishments, here are our recommendations for vegan restaurants in Portland, Oregon.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Farm Spirit

Farm Spirit serves a set multi-course menu that features ingredients only from the Cascadia region within 105 miles of the restaurant. The best part, it’s not pretentious because it’s Portland. Although we highly recommend you dress nicely, formal dress is not required.

When we first visited Farm Spirit, the dining space only had an exclusive chef’s counter where they served 14 people at a time. In Spring 2019, they reopened and expanded to add a dining room so more foodies can enjoy the restaurant on a nightly basis.

HIGHLIGHTS: You’ll never be served the same thing twice as everything is hyper-local and seasonal.

Next Level Burger

Need a classic American burger, fries, and a milkshake? Next Level Burger has just that but elevates them with their homemade patties, soft serve, and condiments. For instance, their Signature Burger is a classic American burger but is elevated by its garlic thyme mayo.

HIGHLIGHTS: Signature Burger, Orange Cream Milkshake.

Homegrown Smoker

You’ve seen this vegan barbecue joint all over Instagram and Facebook. What makes them taste like real barbecue is that almost all of the meats are made in house, and all of them are smoked in house. This adds the char and smokiness that vegans rarely get to experience.

HIGHLIGHTS: Mac-No-Cheese Burrito, Dagwood Sub, Tempeh Ribs.

Native Bowl

This local food truck is one of the not-so hidden gems of the Prost! Marketplace on Mississippi Avenue. Here you can get incredible vegan fusion bowls made with the best of local ingredients.

HIGHLIGHTS: Alberta Bowl.

Yuan Su Vegetarian

When Americans think of Chinese food, we mainly think of MSG, late-night takeout, dim sum, and mystery meats. Here you can enjoy 100% vegan, MSG-free, GMO-free Chinese food made from scratch that tastes enough like the real thing to satisfy any craving you might have for traditional Chinese food.

HIGHLIGHTS: Teriyaki Chicken, Veggie Shrimp with Veggie Sea Cucumber.

Other Vegan Restaurants in Portland, Oregon That We Would Recommend

Off the Griddle: Vegan/vegetarian diner style eats.

Rudy’s Gourmet Pizza: Dozens of vegan pizza options.

Virtuous Pie: Vegan pizza and sides, part of a small chain first born in Vancouver, Canada.

The Sudra: Indian vegan restaurant also known for their specialty cocktails.

The famous vegan mini mall: A vegan bakery, cheese shop, clothing store, and tattoo shop in one establishment.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Portland, Oregon


KaTi is a 95% vegan restaurant with the exception of a couple of dishes with egg, the option to add an egg, and a non-vegan version of a Thai Iced Tea. We still consider KaTi to be not only our favorite vegan restaurant in Portland, but it’s in our top five in all of the U.S.

The staff and owners are incredibly kind, the quality of food has never waivered, and it’s always the meal we look forward to the most. Go to KaTi; you won’t regret it.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tom Kha Soup Vegan, Pla Rhad Prik Vegan, Pad See Ew, Vegan Thai Iced Tea.


Harlow’s menu is the epitome of comfort food; but instead of towering piles of pancakes and macaroni and “cheese,” they serve power bowls, probiotic drinks, and roasted vegetables that melt in your mouth.

HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Fog, Betty Bowl, Outlaw Scramble, and gluten-free biscuit.

Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts is known for their brioche donuts, but as their brioche recipe requires a lot of butter, all of their vegan options are cake donuts. Regardless of the recipe difference, their cake donuts are some of the best donuts in the country, and we recommend you try every vegan flavor they have that day.

HIGHLIGHTS: Flavors rotate daily.

VooDoo Doughnut

Surprisingly, VooDoo has many vegan options! This local favorite makes great doughnuts with a lot of ingenious flavors, so you’re not just paying for Instagram bragging rights. You, too, can purchase one of their amusing doughnuts and take a prop photo in front of their pink signs.

HIGHLIGHTS: Mexican Hot Chocolate, Maple Cream, VooDoo Bubble.

14 Best Vegan Restaurants in Portland, Oregon - Voodoo Donut
Did we miss any of your favorite vegan restaurants in Portland, Oregon? We would love to know your favorite spots and dishes.
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