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Veganism is most often written about and discussed in the context of health, animal rights, and environmental stewardship. Each of those is important, yet there isn’t much about veganism in the context of business. As veganism’s presence grows in business around the world, vegan entrepreneurs and their experiences may offer valuable insights into what it’s like to operate a vegan business. 

Curious to learn about those insights, Ben started a grad school research project in 2020 where he met with 12 vegan entrepreneurs in Vancouver, B.C., to converse with them about their experiences of operating a vegan business. 

In the following academic blog series, Ben will explore how the vegan philosophy is experienced by those vegan entrepreneurs in the Vancouver neighborhoods of Kitsilano and Mt. Pleasant. The first blog of the series reviews topics in which veganism is commonly discussed, like health, and others where it’s seldom discussed, like culture and religion. The second and third blogs introduce the ways in which the vegan philosophy shapes the philosophies and mission statements of vegan businesses and how it may guide decisions in sustainable and ethical tourism. The fourth and fifth blogs describe the participating vegan businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as the history of how vegetarianism – and later veganism – arrived in Kitsilano Mount Pleasant in the 20th century. The series then wraps with Ben’s autobiographical account of the insights he gained from his visits at the vegan businesses and how they address current issues.

We invite you to come along and learn of the fascinating ways vegan entrepreneurs interpret the vegan philosophy and use it to approach different matters in one of the vegan-friendly cities in the world. Join us as we explore Ben’s Vegan Vancouver!

A collage of photos from all of the vegan businesses who participated in this project
Ben's Vegan Vancouver

Concluding Thoughts on ‘Ben’s Vegan Vancouver’

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Our names are Benjamin Hagerty and Brianne Nemiroff. We’re a married couple originally from California. Since we became a couple in 2009, we have always been passionate about travel, both locally and abroad. We were inspired to take a long-term trip in 2017 to explore more of Canada and the U.S. and we soon realized that this wasn’t just a lengthy trip, but a new lifestyle choice, and that we were destined to explore.


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