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What Is Kind Eating?

To eat kindly is to avoid eating animals, animal by-products, or any food items that leave environmental damage when produced. Eating kindly also means you attempt to engage in the local cuisine whenever possible instead of resorting to chain restaurants or familiar dishes.

16 misconceptions about veganism debunked
Kind Eating

16 Misconceptions About Veganism Debunked

We’ve debunked 16 of the most common misconceptions about veganism so you can feel confident in any conversation.

5 Benefits of Traveling on a Vegan Diet - It's Bree and Ben

5 Benefits of Traveling on a Vegan Diet

It’s getting easier and easier to be a vegan at home, pending you live near a metropolitan area. But what about vegan travel. Is it still hard? Does traveling as a vegan only come with sacrifices or does it come with more benefits than just eating a cleaner diet?

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Our names are Benjamin Hagerty and Brianne Nemiroff. We’re a married couple originally from California. Since we became a couple in 2009, we have always been passionate about travel, both locally and abroad. We were inspired to take a long-term trip in 2017 to explore more of Canada and the U.S. and we soon realized that this wasn’t just a lengthy trip, but a new lifestyle choice, and that we were destined to explore.


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