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Is It Ethical and Safe to Hike This Summer?

It’s no longer the question of whether or not the parks are open. Rather, is it ethical or safe to visit them now?

A 2-Day Vegan Itinerary to Sonoma County

This county in the North Bay can entertain you with U-Pick orchards and farms, ocean views, vintage shopping, coffee, vegan-friendly…

6 Ways Budget Travel Harms Communities

Budget travel is a selfish act that affects more than just your wallet. Here are the six worst ways budget travel harms our communities.

How to Travel on a Budget Without Being a Budget Traveler

Now’s not the time to stay at the chain hotel and grab breakfast at the IHOP to save a few dollars.

How to Reduce Post-Pandemic Travel Anxiety

Here are four ways to manage your travel anxiety as you plan and begin to venture out into the world again.

15 Off-Season Destinations for Post-Pandemic Travel

Because no one wants to flock to a crowded tourist trap after a pandemic.

52 Things to Do in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Halifax is wonderful for history, architecture, beer, and even vegan food; nature lovers will also love Halifax for its beautiful vast parks…

When Veganism is More than a Dietary Choice

Here are five types of people for whom veganism is not a choice, but a necessity.

Zero Waste Swaps For Disposable Products

Here are seven categories of disposables and their eco-friendly alternatives so you can start to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle today.

25 Places to See, Shop, and Sip in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With over 90 neighborhoods to explore and exciting events happening year-round, here are the best things to do in Pittsburgh.
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