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When Veganism is More than a Dietary Choice

Here are five types of people for whom veganism is not a choice, but a necessity.

Zero Waste Swaps For Disposable Products

Here are seven categories of disposables and their eco-friendly alternatives so you can start to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle today.

25 Places to See, Shop, and Sip in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With over 90 neighborhoods to explore and exciting events happening year-round, here are the best things to do in Pittsburgh.

How to Support the Vegan Community During a Pandemic

Instead of waiting for your favorite restaurant to reopen the dining room, here are six ways you can support the vegan community without…

Top 6 Vegan Restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In Pittsburgh, you can find a half vegetarian restaurant/half antique shop, a punk rock vegan cafe that makes their own vegan eggs, a vegan DIY…

Introvert Travel: How to Reduce Anxiety and Preserve Your Energy

Introverts also want to explore louder cities; but if they don’t take into account their energy levels, they might find themselves exhausted by…

Edmonton, Alberta: Canada’s Festival City and Most Northern Vegan Destination

With great vegan food, fun small shopping, and acres of urban parkland, Edmonton makes for both a great natural and urban getaway.

How the Cruise Industry Disregards Pollution, Low Wages, and Disease

We go into detail about the reality of the damage that cruises cause on a daily basis, as well as provide you a list of questions to ask the…

11 Vegan Restaurants in Edmonton That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Edmonton is a vegan-friendly destination with plenty of green spaces and an eco-friendly young population. So let’s dig in and show you the…

5 Plant-Based Staples You Can Buy on Any Budget

Our friend, Certified Nutritionist Sachi Georgieva, and we have compiled a list of plant-based staples that will leave you and your bank…
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