The Best Vegan Food at Disneyland

Mickey Waffles, Dole Whip, Gumbo, Blue and Green Milk, and MORE!

Last Updated on March 2, 2023
best vegan food at disneyland - It_s Bree and Ben

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Vegan food at Disneyland used to be bland, uninviting, and truly lacking magic. To order a vegan meal at Disneyland meant that you had a much different experience than the rest of your party; if you sat down for a meal, you were often stuck with a $20 plate of pasta with veggies, while the rest of your party indulged in burgers, fries, shake, beignets, and other theme park food. The only food experiences you could share were the Dole Whips, Mickey-shaped pretzels, and popcorn.

Luckily, the demand for vegan options at Disneyland has skyrocketed in recent years so there are now vegan Mickey-shaped waffles, frozen drinks, veggie sandwiches, and gumbo, to name a few.

Brand new to the Disney parks is a leaf icon you can now find on the menus next to all plant-based options. The leaf icon means that the meal option is 100% plant-based (no meat, dairy, or egg) and requires no customization. 

Our list of vegan food in Disneyland does not sum up all of the vegan options that can be created through customization in the park; our list sums up what vegan options we feel are most worth your time and money. We hope this list will save you time preparing for your trip to Disneyland, giving you more time to enjoy the rides!

There are no 100% vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the park. Per our standards, all food establishments are considered tier .

As of July 2022, not all restaurants and stands have reopened in Disneyland. Please check the Disneyland app or its website for an updated reopening timeline of your favorite restaurants, and to see what is currently open in Disneyland.

it's a small world, disneyland

The Best Vegan Food at Disneyland

Main Street, U.S.A.

Carnation Cafe: Mickey-Shaped Waffles.


Mickey-Shaped Waffles: vegan-friendly waffles served with bacon, sausage, and fruit. To make it vegan, omit the bacon and sausage, ask for Earth Balance butter, and ask for additional fruit. This may not be the largest portion but if you’re looking for something Disney-themed and need a breakfast before you start going on the rides, this is a great vegan option on Main Street.

vegan mickey-shaped waffles at disneyland
Vegan Mickey-Shaped Waffles (Photo Credit: @enchanted.elle)


Tropical Hideaway: Dole Whip (all flavors), Dole Whip floats, Dole Whip swirls.


Dole Whip: a vegan pineapple soft-serve frozen dessert.

Dole Whip Float: Dole Whip submerged in pineapple juice.

Dole Whip Raspberry-Lemon Float: a swirl of raspberry and lemon Dole Whip in a cup of passionfruit-orange-guava juice.

Dole Whip Swirl Float: a swirl of two Dole Whip flavors (pineapple, raspberry, or lemon) submerged in pineapple juice.

Dole Whip Swirl: a swirl of any two Dole Whip flavors (pineapple, raspberry, mango, or lemon).

Chile-Mango Whip: Dole Whip topped with chamoy (stone fruit, chili, and lime) and chile-lime seasoning.

Chile-Mango Whip: a swirl of pineapple and mango Dole Whip topped with chamoy (stone fruit, chili, and lime) and chile-lime seasoning.

Tiki Juice Bar: Dole Whip, Dole Whip Float.


Dole Whip: a vegan pineapple soft-serve frozen dessert.

Dole Whip Float: Dole Whip submerged in pineapple juice.

dole whip at Disneyland
Dole Whip

Bengal Barbecue: Jungle Julep, Outback Vegetable Skewer.


Jungle Julep: a frozen slushie of pineapple, grape, orange, and lemon juices and grenadine.

Outback Vegetable Skewer: a single grilled skewer of squash, peppers, tomatoes, and onions covered in sauce.

New Orleans Square

Blue Bayou: Cauliflower Steak and Grits.


Cauliflower Steak and Grits: a cauliflower steak topped with a romanesco sauce, mushroom chips, cajun Chao cheddar cheese, wilted greens, and shishito chimichurri.

Royal Street Veranda: Vegetarian Gumbo.


Vegetarian Gumbo: a vegan gumbo with black-eyed peas, onions, bell pepper, corn, okra, and celery served in a sourdough bread bowl.

best vegan food at disneyland, vegetarian gumbo
Vegetarian Gumbo at Royal Street Veranda


Maurice’s Treats: Boysen Apple Freeze.


Boysen Apple Freeze: frozen apple juice mixed with boysenberry syrup and passion fruit foam. To make it vegan, order it with no whip.

Boysen Apple Freeze, best vegan food at Disneyland
Boysen Apple Freeze at Maurice’s Treats

Red Rose Tavern: Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich.

Note: This sandwich has gone through many versions but this sandwich is 100% plant-based since 2020.


Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich: grilled cauliflower steak sandwich topped with a vegan spicy lime aioli and stewed tomatoes on a toasted roll. 

best vegan food at Disneyland, Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich
Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich at Red Rose Tavern

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Ronto Roasters: Ronto-Less Garden Wrap

Note: This is considered one of the most flavorful vegan options at Disneyland and is a must-try.


Ronto-less Garden Wrap: vegan sausage, spicy Kimchi, Gochujang sauce, and sweet pickled cucumber, wrapped in pita.

Milk Stand: Blue Milk, Green Milk.


Blue Milk: a blend of coconut milk and rice milk with coconut, dragonfruit, and pineapple flavoring.

Green Milk: a blend of coconut milk and rice milk with a citrus-forward orange blossom flavoring.

Tatooine Sunset: a fruit-forward Arnold Palmer with Gold Peak unsweetened tea, Odwalla lemonade, and blueberry and melon flavoring.

Meiloorun Juice: Agua Frescas pineapple, Simply Lemonade with blueberry, white cranberry juice, lemon juice, and desert pear.

blue and green milk, happiestveganonearth
Blue and Green Milk (Photo Credit by @happiestveganonearth)

Kat Saka Kettle: Outpost Popcorn Mix, Felucian Garden Spread.


Outpost Popcorn Mix: a sweet and spicy popcorn blend popped in coconut oil. The sweet flavoring is blueberry lemon pound cake and the spicy flavoring is red chili lime.

Felucian Garden Spread: plant-based kefta meatballs served with herb hummus, tomatoes, and cucumber relish in a pita wrap.


River Belle Terrace: BBQ Tofu, BBQ Tater Tots, River Belle’s Chopped Salad, Vegetable PoBoy.

Note: As of June 2021, the BBQ Tofu is 100% plant-based. The tofu is fried by default, but is cooked in a shared fryer. Order the tofu baked to avoid sharing a fryer. 

Note: The available sides rotate often. Ask your server which sides are currently vegan and if any share a fryer.


River Belle’s Chopped Salad: romaine lettuce with black beans, garbanzo beans, roasted corn, pickles, tomatoes, red bell peppers, fried onions, and BBQ ranch dressing. To make it vegan, ask for a vegan dressing option (such as oil and vinegar) and choose the BBQ tofu as your protein option.

BBQ Tofu (meal): tofu tossed in BBQ sauce with a side of baked beans and seasonal vegetables.

Disneyland Cinderella castle during the holidays
Disneyland Cinderella Castle during the holidays


Alien Pizza Planet: Venus Vegetable Pizza.

Note: Ask if the pizza crust is vegan. Suppliers may have changed and this needs to be verified at the time of your visit.

Venus Vegetarian Pizza: seasonal veggies, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. To make it vegan, ask for vegan cheese. Due to Disneyland’s closure, vegan cheese may still not be available at the parks; ask a Cast Member at the time of your visit if they are currently offering this option.

Disneyland food is now more photogenic and kinder than ever before.

Disneyland food wasn’t always as big of a draw as it is today. Many young adults and families who wanted to save money, or who required special dietary restrictions, often brought their own food⁠—and many still do! 

Today, the food at Disneyland is part of the draw⁠; the churros, Mickey-shaped ice cream, beignets, and Dole Whips are considered snacks to budget for, and many of these snacks have ended up on Disney merchandise! 

As native Californians who have visited Disneyland roughly 20 times in the last 30 years, we’ve surely seen how Instagram and the rise of veganism has changed the menu at Disney parks for the better. 

It's Bree and Ben with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Disneyland

Our Favorite Vegan Food at Disneyland

Our favorite vegan food at Disneyland currently is the Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich, Vegetarian Gumbo, Dole Whip, and the Boysen Apple Freeze. However, considering the rave reviews for the vegan food at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we have a feeling we’ll be adding the plant milks and wraps to our favorites list very soon.

The Enchanted Cali-Flower Sandwich was surprisingly flavorful with its vegan spicy lime aioli, stewed tomatoes, and seasoned grilled cauliflower. However, we think it would have benefited from making the one sandwich into sliders, or adding more filling into the sandwich as we felt the sandwich had more roll than vegetables. Still, we would order it again.

Surprisingly, we had not tried Dole Whip until a visit in 2017 with a friend. Dole Whip is so light, refreshing, and simple that it makes for a perfect treat at any time of the day⁠; it’s not as high in sugar as many of the other treats in Disneyland, making it great for a sweet pick-me-up mid-morning or before leaving the park in the evening. Pro tip: snap a picture of your Dole Whip in front of the Adventureland sign, or head towards Main Street Plaza to capture Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

For a less photogenic but more portable treat, the Boysen Apple Freeze is a delightful option that’s easier to consume while walking around the park or while waiting in line. We enjoyed it while watching the Magic Happens parade (which we highly recommend as it features less common Disney characters from movies like The Sword in the Stone, The Princess and the Frog, Coco, and Moana).


If it’s your first time visiting Disneyland and you want to make the most of your visit, here are a few tips to help make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Wear walking shoes. Seriously, this is not the time to wear heels for your photos. You will be walking around 20,000 steps if you spend all day in one or both parks.
  • Get your FASTPASS tickets early. There are FASTPASS tickets for the most popular rides. These tickets help visitors maximize their time in the park as they can book a time slot and reduce their waiting times per ride from over an hour to 20 minutes or less. The rides that book out the quickest are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, Space Mountain, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and a few other main attractions.
  • Prioritize your schedule around the rides you want to experience most, their wait times, and location in the park. Depending on when your FASTPASS slots are, you may not be able to plan your day in your preferred order; if possible, attempt to spread your FASTPASS slots throughout the day so you can make your way through each land one by one. For example, we prioritize Fantasyland and Adventureland; we book our FASTPASS for Indiana Jones, Matterhorn Bobsleds and It’s a Small World immediately separated by 90 minutes to two hours, and begin our day with the storybook rides, such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan’s Flight.
  • Save most of your souvenir shopping until the end. If you are looking to buy a souvenir that’s specific to a ride, like Space Mountain, or a magnet with a landscape of Frontierland, these souvenirs may only be available in their respective lands. If you love it, buy it there and then. If you’re looking for a pair of Mickey ears, plush, prepared candy, or theme park shirt, it’s very likely you can find them all on Main Street. Instead of carrying them around all day, buy them on your way out as Main Street is always open one hour longer than the rides to accommodate shopping.
  • Get Disney PhotoPass. There are hundreds of beautiful spots in the park to get an ideal photo of you and your party, but many of the prime locations are reserved for PhotoPass holders. If you want an idyllic shot of you and your party, it’s best to opt for this service. A fun bonus is that you never have to worry about handing your camera or phone over to a stranger, the photo is always taken by a professional photographer, and some of the photos even come with a sprinkle of magic, such as the Cheshire Cat added into the image of us in Alice’s teacups.
Magic Happens parade at Disneyland
Magic Happens parade at Disneyland

If you are traveling with a group with a variety of dietary needs, or you happen to have no choice but to eat at a less vegan-friendly restaurant, check out the Happiest Vegan on Earth to learn about every single vegan option at Disneyland.

To learn more about the best vegan options at Disney California Adventure, click here

To learn more about the best vegan restaurants all around the U.S. and Canada, sign up for our newsletter.

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